Atravesar - To Break the Skin
by C.E. Ostra

Celan Mairs, now 18 years old and known as Lana Timanti, has been raised to be a model citizen of Albakirk - ever since she left her home in the ranchos and was discovered by her father, Theodore, at age 11. As she strives to win a coveted spot as a SocEn trainee, she is forced to cope with some unexpected emotional fallout that threatens to derail her efforts. Meanwhile, Theodore is focused on his own goal: Gathering the support needed to make Albakirk the first city-state on a long-ruined Earth to establish a permanent colony on Mars.

But her father’s fellow Lead SocEn, Ariana Balor, has other plans. Under the the guise of cleansing the planet, she hopes to rid Albakirk of the influence of Transway - that place outside the city walls where ranchos refugees grow ever more entrenched in a mysterious drug culture that she feels is detrimental to the health of the city.

Enter Lang Shays - a young man whose pure metaphysical talents belie a fissure of shadow, and who will end up changing the course of all of their lives.


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Atravesar - To Get Across
by C.E. Ostra

Celan Mairs lives a fairly normal life for a 10-year-old girl from Rancho Pescados. Although her mother is ill, she still excels in school and has the rest of her family and friends for comfort.

She doesn't find the mystic lessons of the elders strange, or the fact that all ranchos adults rely on a substance called transferon, which she will also eventually learn to use.

Transferon helps to ward off contamination left over from the destruction of the old world almost two centuries ago. With it, the people of the ranchos are able to live outside in nature, while on the other side of the mountains a technology- based society flourishes inside the city of Albakirk.

The two groups lived entirely separate existences for many years, but with the rise of the expro culture the social order is starting to shift – and Celan is pulled right into the middle of the changes.